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China Bioengineering Technology Group Ltd. (CBT) is located in Hong Kong Science Park. It is a high-tech professional body comprising of biomedical science, precision medicine, high-volume data access, statistics, and analysis. CBT possesses independent intellectual property rights for genetic testing technology and a platform for biomedical data analysis, including the genetic testing technology patent and copyright for genetic testing software.

Our mission is to help people make better lifestyle choices through the provision of predictive and preventive genetic health care services.

Our Vision

Reveal the secret to a healthy life - let China excel in the world of precision medicine.

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Service Introduction

Whole Genome Test

Genes play a significant role in the regulation of our health, appearance and life span. The Whole Genome Test can act as a guide, assessing several gene-associated characteristics important in precision medicine, disease susceptibility, physical features, nutrition analysis and other areas. Further understand your genetics, make better health choices and improve your lifestyle!

Ultra-Early Tumor Screening

Think ahead and determine your risk for cancer. Our Ultra-Early Tumour Screening package covers the detection of lung cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, gastric cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, gallbladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, renal cancer, bladder cancer, adrenal tumor, prostate cancers and more. Tumour mutations can be detected in the blood using highly sensitive circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) technology.


Diet & Exercise

Healthy eating and physical exercise can help improve the quality of life but not everyone knows how to plan an exercise and diet regime that best suits them. Our Diet & Exercise package includes endurance and strength training, the risk of injury assessment, recovery rate and further genetic tests to fully comprehend your physical limits, plan diet and exercise programs to improve not only your health but also your figure and attitude too!

Gut Flora

The human body holds numerous types of symbiotic microbes that have evolved to adapt to us as we develop. Through high-throughput sequencing technology, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of gut flora characteristics such as flora balance; gene functions as well as quantitatively assessing individual microbial content.


Gene sequencing can help identify and estimate the risk of diabetes, providing a useful source of information about further complications you may face. We offer genetic analysis for blood glucose management through diet, exercise and specific medication to help you achieve rapid and effective diabetic treatment.

Personalised Precision Medicine

People are unique in their way. One may respond differently to specific medication, and some are unaware that they have been prescribed medicine that may do more harm than good. Your genome can provide a strong basis of information for the best, most effective and suitable medicine for your condition. Our packages include cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, neurological, immune, metabolic, digestive drug responses, tumour chemotherapy and more.

Talent Potential

Be the best that you can be with the help of our talent genetic test. The talent package can help you understand your strengths and your limits on a genetic level, covering intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ), health, nutrition, etc.

Beauty & Skin Care

Looking fresh and healthy skin are the ultimate goals these days. Numerous cosmetic and skin care products are available, but you may be unaware of which ones are best suited to your skin. Our beauty and skin care package produces a genetic report profiling your genes associated with acne, chloasma, water retention capacity, collagen metabolism, skin repair and more. Personalised beauty treatment plans and the use of the right skin care regimens are made possible with your report as a reference.

Disease Risk Prediction

Our genes are one of the main attributes of risk for specific diseases. This package can predict the risk of diseases in the circulatory, motor, endocrine and respiratory systems and more through genetic testing. Be a step ahead, understand your health risks to make way for targeted prevention of diseases.

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