China Bioengineering Technology Group Ltd. (CBT) is located in the Science and Technology Park in Hong Kong. It is a high-tech professional body comprising of biomedical science, precision medicine, high-volume data access, statistics, and analysis. CBT has independent intellectual property rights for genetic testing technology and a platform for biomedical data analysis, including the genetic testing technology patent and copyright license for genetic testing software.

At CBT, we use only internationally recognised gold standard DNA sequencing and microarray technology to produce the most accurate results. With collaboration from the United States and Russian clinical gene therapy and data analysis centers, along with the University of Hong Kong, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tongji University, we have the finest team of experts and consultants to provide world-leading genetic testing services. In addition to our expert team, a comprehensive automated data analysis and reporting system produce fast and reliable results to provide our customers with premium services.

We are one of a few genetic testing companies in Hong Kong that have a solid international service platform. Collaboration with institutes in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas (US, Germany, UK) allows us to establish a transnational and global operational background.

Specialising in genetic testing for daily personalized medication, disease prevention, nutrition, beauty skin care, skill development and other related fields, CBT incorporates exceptional biomedical management, and analysis system in the whole of China to maintain an excellent standard of research, genetic testing products and service to our clients and partner companies.

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